Pasture raised eggs &

 Grass Fed Organic Beef

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Thank you for visiting Pasture Raised Eggs.  We set out to locally produce the best all-natural and exceptional-tasting eggs for you.  Every hen was selected to lay the finest eggs for you and has been on our farm since they arrived as day old chicks.  Just like the cows our chickens enjoy free ranging in the pasture and any 

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feed they choose to eat in their coops is an all natural feed with no hormones, no antibiotics, no animal by-products, and sourced locally.  We include a blend of Flaxseed which provides for an ideal egg, very rich in Omega-3.

We then went out to get the finest steak to go with the eggs, Organic Steak & Pasture Raised Eggs, come get it today or we can deliver it to you.

My family enjoys these eggs and outstanding steaks and we hope you will as well.  Thank you for your interest and we would love to hear from you!