Thank you for visiting Pasture Raised Eggs. We set out to locally produce the best all-natural and exceptional-tasting eggs for you. Every hen, selected to lay the finest eggs, has been on our farm since she arrived as a day old chick. Just like the cows, our chickens free range in the pasture, and any feed they choose to eat in their coops is an all natural locally sourced feed with no hormones, no antibiotics, and no animal by-products. We include in our feed a blend of Flaxseed which creates an ideal egg, rich in Omega-3.

We then went out to get the finest, organic, grass fed steak to go with our eggs. Come get them today, or we can deliver to you. My family enjoys these eggs and outstanding steaks and we hope you will as well.

Why Pasture Raised Eggs, Organic Grass Fed Beef and Local Pork??

  • Vitamin D

    You need to look no further than the recent studies released by Mother Earth News. The journal found that eating just two eggs will give you from 63-126% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin D; up to 6 times the Vitamin D from hens raised in confinement!

  • Free Range

    Free range eggs are much healthier than ones from hens kept in confinement. This is because free range hens are able to graze on fresh greens and bugs, and bask in the sun. The vast majority of eggs sold in supermarkets come from hens who spend their entire lives indoors.

  • Better than organic

    Even if supermarket eggs are “certified organic” or come from "cage-free” or “free-range” hens , there is no guarantee that the hens were raised in a natural way, with access to the outdoors and pasture. Most eggs sold in the grocery store come from hens living in appalling conditions.



We have a wide variety of local products at the farm including beef, eggs, honey, jams, jellies, artisan cheeses, dips, spreads imported from Italy, marinades, flavored butters, and fresh baked breads

  • Fresh Local Organic Beef
  • Farm Fresh Eggs
  • Fresh Artisan Cheeses
  • Local Jams and Jellies
  • Local Honey

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do you have a CSA?

A: We do have a weekly or bi-weekly delivery service for folks who would like to order our beef, eggs, chicken, butter, or jams . A portion of our eggs and beef is reserved for delivery orders. Availability is still based on Mother Nature but we do our best! We delivering to parts of Herndon, Reston, Great Falls, Sterling, Lansdown, Ashburn, and Leesburg. A $5.00 Delivery fee applies to all orders under $75.00. If you are interested, please send an email us

Q: Is your beef organic?

A: Our beef is raised on a farm that is USDA Certified Organic and is grass fed and grass finished to attain maximum Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s.

Q: Can I actually reduce my calorie intake while eating the same amount of food?

A: A. Yes, multiple studies have shown that grass fed animals have lower fat contents and thus fewer calories in the same portion of meat. If you eat the average amount of beef for an american, consuming grass fed beef instead of grain fed beef will reduce your annual calorie intake by 17,000 calories, which is equivalent to about 10 cases of regular soda!

Q: How long do your eggs keep?

A: Like with most foods, the sooner you enjoy the product the fresher it will be. For the best quality you should consume your eggs within 3-5 weeks of purchasing them. Be sure to prevent illness from bacteria by keeping your eggs refrigerated below 45, cooking your eggs until the yolks are firm, and cooking foods containing eggs thoroughly.

Q: Why is it hard to peel the shell of your eggs when I hardboil them?

A: Because our eggs are very fresh they do not peel easily when hard boiled. A technique we have found to be effective is to keep a dozen in the refrigerator for 2 weeks and then hardboil them when they are less fresh.

Q: Can I recycle foam egg cartons?

A: Yes, egg cartons can be recycled. They can be recycled into shipping peanuts, CD jewel cases, shipping peanuts, and other shipping material. In Northern Virginia, Postal Plus at 478 Elden Street in Herndon, VA 20170, (703) 435-6400 will recycle foam egg containers if they are in good condition.